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Young People find DAA offers So Much More

Students come to DAA for a variety of reasons.
  • Some have felt lost or insignificant in large, public school settings.
  • Others, concerned about getting a high-quality education, have found the small student-teacher ratio and plentiful tutoring provide a more concentrated focus on their education.
  • Some wish to be in an environment where many of the negative things of daily life aren’t constantly challenging them.

Students and their families have found DAA to be more than just a school. If one of these statements ring true to you, think seriously about DAA.


Dakota Adventist Academy is a Christian high school that welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds. DAA has many Christian-centered activities to help students learn and grow in their faith. By participating in these various activities and programs, students learn how to be better Christians and active participants in their own spiritual lives in their communities.

DAA is proud to offer students the opportunity to learn and grow in their Spiritual faith, becoming happy Christian young men and women, preparing them for their futures. Walking down the hallways you can easily recognize the positive attitudes, the sense of purpose, and the focus on friendship, faith, and mutual respect.

Dakota Adventist Academy Campus

Well Established and Respected

Serving both North Dakota and South Dakota, DAA roots and history go all the way back to 1902 (Redfield, South Dakota) and 1904 (Harvey, North Dakota).  DAA, combined the best of both schools into one, opening its new campus at its present location in 1977.

The campus is spacious, warm, and student-friendly in many ways. While most students take advantage of the boarding opportunity, boarding on campus is not required for those who live close enough to commute. 

Those who do live at DAA have their own dormitory rooms, with a shared bathroom between every two rooms.  Some students live in well-appointed dorm rooms during the week, going home many weekends. Some travel short distances daily to the Academy to attend classes and participate in sports, clubs, and organizations. We’ve also been fortunate to have many fine International students become part of the DAA family over the years.

Offering an Outstanding Educational Opportunity

Outstanding Educational Opportunity

As an accredited high school, DAA focuses on providing students a high-quality education – from core courses, to a variety of specialty classes.  A high percentage of DAA graduates go on to institutions of higher education. Their academic test scores reflect the quality education they have received. And because of the quality education, students are successful in qualifying for many grants and scholarships.

So Much More than Classes

So Much More than Classes

School is only part of the DAA experience. Given the smaller class sizes and the on-campus boarding life offered at DAA, you’ll develop life-long friendships based on faith and trust. You won’t get lost. You won’t be overlooked. Everyone at DAA is important and our goal is to help our young people move forward in life with a solid educational and life-building experience as they set out on their journey into adulthood.



Currently, we have a ladies volleyball team and both a ladies and a men’s basketball team that compete in interschool competition. We also have a robust recreational intramural program at the school that offers a wide variety of athletic participation without the commitment to the hours of practice that a varsity program requires.



If you play a wind or a stringed instrument and you would like to continue to develop that skill, you are invited to join our band and/or strings ensemble. If you enjoy singing, we would be happy to have you join our choir.  For those with no musical background, but with an interest in developing this ability, our handbells choir offers an excellent opportunity to grow quickly.  Finally, if you would like to continue to develop your musical skills, but not join any of the programs, we do offer private lessons and practice rooms.

Along with the above for-credit opportunities, students are invited to become a part of the weekly worship music team(s) that support our worship services, assembly programs, chapel experiences and other gatherings.

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