At DAA we have well-equipped classrooms because we know that the environment for learning must be comfortable, well-lit, and adaptable to specific classes.


Both the Construction and Automotive Technologies facilities are large, comfortable, and feature all the tools necessary to learn the skills of the individual programs.


Since most of our students call the dormitories “home” for much of the school year, it’s important the rooms and community gathering places are comfortable, safe and inviting. We invite you to tour the dorms when you tour the campus.


At DAA, we are very proud of our Gymnasium. In 2019 we installed a new, beautiful hardwood floor. The Gym gets used seven days a week—days and evenings. Physical Education is held there during the weekdays. We host sports events of all kinds, intramural sports three evenings a week, special events, and programs. Physical exercise and team building are important in building young people’s minds and bodies and our Gymnasium is a big part of our programs.

Acro Gym

The Acro/Weight Room is set up for team gymnastics, tumbling, and weight training. The room is fully outfitted with tumbling mats and equipment students need to practice and improve their gymnastic skills. For those interested in weight training, the room features many weight machines and free weights.

Horse Barn

Dakota Adventist Academy offers students the opportunity to bring their horses to school.  We have a nine-stall barn, enclosed pens, pasture access, a round pen for training, as well as many miles of trails to ride.  We know that having the responsibility of caring for a horse allows our students to prepare for their futures by encouraging the organization of their time, all while nurturing their sense of belonging.