Dual Credit & Additional Courses

DAA works with many secondary schools, colleges, and universities to provide additional courses for student interests and education goals. The Academic Standards Committee works with students interested in taking online and/or dual-credit college courses in order to ensure a good fit. Credit cannot be given for a course until the cooperating institution issues a student grade indicating completion of the course. Course offerings are available either during the summer and/or during the school year; requirements must be met for course eligibility, and eligibility varies by institution. All courses must be approved by the Academic Standards Committee prior to enrollment if seeking high school credit.

Dual Credit Courses


ANSI 114 Animal Science, 3 credits (AU)

ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology, 3 credits (AU)

BIOL 208 Environmental Science, 4 credits (AU)

FDNT 230 Nutrition, 3 credits (AU)

HORT 150 iGrow, 4 credits (AU)



ENGL 115 College Writing I (seniors only), 3 credits (AU)

ENGL 115 College Writing I (seniors only), 3 credits (AU)

ENGL 215 College Writing II (seniors only), 3 credits (AU)

HIST 117 Civilization & Ideas I, 3 credits (AU)

HIST 118 Civilization and Ideas II, 3 credits (AU)

HIST 157 West and the World (UC)

LITR 231 Ancient Western Literature (UC)



MATH 168 Precalculus, 4 credits (AU)

MATH 191 Calculus I, 4 credits (AU)


Social Sciences

PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology, 3 credits (AU)

PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology, 3 credits (AU)

SOCI 119 Principles of Sociology, 3 credits (AU)



RELB 230 Biblical Prayers, 3 credits (AU)

Associated Institutions Denoted: Andrews University (AU) and Union College (UC)