English I – 10 Credits An overview of grammar, writing, vocabulary enrichment, and literature. First semester is an extensive study of English grammar while the second semester introduces the study of literature and the writing of essays.

English II – 10 Credits A focus on world literature, grammar, writing mechanics, and vocabulary enrichment. Instruction in literature coincides with writing projects in several genres, literary criticism, and essay writing.

English III – 10 Credits An overview of American Literature, development of expository writing, creative writing, and vocabulary development.

English IV – 10 Credits The first semester includes a development of writing skills in expository essay and research writing (MLA, APA, and Chicago methods) with the second quarter devoted to a senior project—an extensive research paper that is presented in written and oral form (public speaking skills are addressed). The second semester includes a survey of British literature from Beowulf through the 18th century. Vocabulary expansion is emphasized throughout.

Life Skills – 5 Credits An introduction to DAA class that teaches and reinforces good study skills that can be used across the curriculum. Topics include goal-setting, high-school dynamics, time management, organization, listening, note-taking, test-taking, grade-tracking, study groups, study plans, study space, and health. In order to pass this class, students must pass a keyboarding test of 30 words per minute and 90% accuracy.

Journalism – 5-10 Credits Emphasis is in writing process for the school newspaper, Ripples. Assignments include news, opinion, creative writing, essays, editing, design, and book, movie, and music reviews.