Fine Arts

Art I: Introduction to Drawing and Media – 10 Credits An introduction to drawing skills in several media ranging from charcoal to water color. Work is done primarily in class from still life and other viewed subjects. Basic visual perspective is emphasized first quarter.

Art II: Introduction to Composition and Design – 5 Credits A course centered on the design and arrangements of shapes, color theory, calligraphy, and the basic principles of design and composition. Offered first semester. Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Art I; Fee $40.

Art II: Printmaking and Sculpture – 5 Credits Printmaking projects include linoleum and wood block prints, beginning with black and white and progressing to multicolor prints. Sculpture projects will be in plaster, clay, wood, wire, cardboard, and cloth with emphasis on learning three-dimensional design and media introduction. Offered second semester, odd years. Prerequisites: Art I & Art II (first semester); Fee $40.

Art II: Introduction to Painting – 5 Credits A course introducing students to painting in acrylic and oil. Emphasis is on learning painting techniques and the creation of personal works of art. Offered second semester, even years. Prerequisite: Art I & Art II (first semester); Fee $40.

Art III & Art IV: Independent Study – 10 Credits Each Courses allowing students opportunity for advanced development of skills in media for which they have completed the introductory course. Offered first and second semester. Instructor permission required. Written outline and deadlines for projects must be submitted to the instructor. Prerequisites: Art II: Intro. To Composition and Design, Art II: Printmaking and Sculpture or Art II: Introduction to Painting; Fee $40/semester.

Band – 5 Credits A performing instrumental group. Rehearsals meet a minimum of two times a week. Members are expected to practice and turn in homework using SmartMusic.

Concert Choir – 5 Credits A vocal performance group. No auditions or previous experience are required; all are welcome. The choir performs for churches as well as other concerts and some limited touring.

Dakota Ringers – 5 Credits Instruction and practice are given in the art of playing hand bells. Dakota Ringer members perform for musical events. Students who enroll must be able to commit to one year.

Dakota Singers (DAK) – 5 Credits A small vocal performing organization that tours extensively. Reading music is a must. Enrollment in voice lessons and/or Concert Choir is required. Students who enroll must be able to commit to one year. DAK is by audition only with preference given to juniors and seniors and membership at invitation of music director.

Ensemble – Varied Credits

Private Lessons – 2 Credits Voice, keyboard, and instrumental lessons may be arranged with the music director. Regular practice required. One credit is given per semester.