Pre-Algebra – 10 Credits
A course studying the mathematical sciences, formulas, graphs, negative numbers, and informal geometry. This course is designed to build a stronger foundation in mathematics in preparation for Algebra I.

Algebra I – 10 Credits
A course designed to be an introduction to algebra, surveying the language of algebra with an integrated curriculum, including topics in geometry, statistics, and probability. Emphasis is also placed on use of the coordinate plane, an introduction to graphing, and solving linear and quadratic equations, formulas, and real-world problems. Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra or pass a math placement test.

Geometry – 10 Credits
Based on Euclidian geometric concepts, this course integrates geometry with algebra and trigonometry. It is designed to introduce students to logical structures and proofs, emphasizing the problem-solving tools of making conjectures and using reasoning. Prerequisite: Algebra I.

Algebra II – 10 Credits
A course designed to expand on the concepts taught in Algebra I. Topics includes the study of linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic functions, conic sections, the foundation for calculus, and discrete mathematics topics such as matrices, probability, and statistics. This course also reflects a change in emphasis with more real-world problem-solving and enhanced use of technology. A graphing calculator is required for this course. Prerequisite: Algebra I.

Pre-Calculus – 10 Credits
A course with extensive coverage of trigonometry, functions, discrete mathematics, and exposure of basic calculus concepts. A graphing calculator is required for this course. Prerequisites: Geometry and Algebra II.

Calculus – 10 Credits
This course emphasizes a multi-representational approach to calculus with concepts, results, and problems being expressed geometrically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. A graphing calculator is required for this course. Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus.