Health – 5 Credits
This year-long course is a Christian approach to maintaining physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.

Physical Science – 10 Credits
This lab course introduces students to principles of chemistry and physics, and prepares students for further studies in life sciences, chemistry, and physics. Opportunity will be given for students to develop skills in data collection and interpretation.

Biology I – 10 Credits
This sophomore-level life science lab course covers the cell, genetics, origins, diversity of life using the six-kingdom classification system, and an overview of human anatomy and physiology. Prerequisite: Physical Science. Survey of Chemistry – 10 Credits A survey of the principles and concepts of chemical thought including reactions and stoichiometry, gases, solutions, bonding and structure, quantum theory, thermochemistry, and acid-base chemistry. This course does not count towards an Advanced diploma. Prerequisite: Physical Science, offered alternate years.

Chemistry – 10 Credits
A lab course for students wanting to deepen their understanding of chemistry principles and broaden their chemistry lab experience in preparation for college chemistry courses. Prerequisites: Physical Science, Algebra II, or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II.

Anatomy and Physiology – 10 Credits
This science course thoroughly surveys the anatomy and physiology of human body systems and provides a solid background for students considering life science, health, or medically-related study programs in college. Offered on even years. Prerequisite: Biology I with minimum grade of “B” and a Chemistry class; concurrent enrollment in Medical Terminology.

Physics – 10 Credits
A study of the physical world through classical mechanics, progressing to the study of heat, light, electrical, and magnetic energies utilizing the properties of wave mechanics. Practical application is stressed in the lab setting. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in Algebra II.

Topics in Science Research – 1-5 Credits
A junior/senior-level elective course for advanced students desiring further experience in basic science research methods. Under the science instructor’s supervision, the student will propose, carry out, and report on a research project in a science area of their interest. One credit hour is given for every 15 hours of qualifying laboratory work, repeatable up to five credits. Prerequisites: Biology I with minimum grade of “B”, concurrent enrollment in second semester Chemistry with minimum grade of “B”