Vocational Technology

Construction I – 10 Credits
This course is an introduction to the basic building materials, methods, and sequences in residential construction. It is designed to give students basic skills in construction and related trades along with an overview of career opportunities available. Emphasis is placed on safety and the proper use of hand and power tools. This course provides students the experience of working on various woodworking skill building techniques.

Construction II – 10 Credits
This hands on course is designed to build on Construction I, further detailing materials, methods, and tools of the construction trade. Students will get detailed knowledge of building construction by working on the construction of a tiny house or other similar projects. Prerequisite: Construction I; Fee $100/semester.

Advanced Construction Technology – 10 Credits
The purpose of Advanced Construction is to fine tune academic skills (reading and drawing blueprints, use of fractions, proficiency in reading a tape measurer and framers square), and the manipulative skills to become proficient with the process of building. Will be competing in Skills USA as part of class participation. This class sets the groundwork for a construction/carpentry apprenticeship. Prerequisite: Construction I and II; Fee $100/semester.

Automotive Technology I – 10 Credits
This course is a task-oriented class, with classroom activities intended to reinforce skills and safety used in today’s high-paying, high-security careers. This course is designed to introduce students to proper maintenance and basic auto repair. Students will become familiar with basic mechanics of a vehicle, as well as the tools and methods that are involved with auto repair and maintenance.

Automotive Technology II – 10 Credits
This course will offer students hands on experience in auto repair under the stupervision of the class instructor. Students will take ASE certification testing as part of this course. Opportunities are also available for students to participate in student and professional organizations such as Skills USA. Prerequisite: Automotive Technology I; Fee $100/semester.

Advanced Automotive Technology – 10 Credits
This is a hands-on interactive class to further develop skills and knowledge in Auto Mechanics, Repair, Fabricating, Diagnostics, and Customizing. Prerequisite: Auto Technology I and II; Fee $100/semester.

Home Arts – 5 Credits
A course designed to introduce the student to proper food preparation and to the food service industry. Topics include baking, healthful eating principles, and basic food preparation techniques.

Introduction to Business – 5 Credits
A course designed to provide students with an understanding of the economic environment in which we all live. An introductory study of business, how business meets consumer needs and wants, economic principles, desirable business practices, and awareness of career opportunities in the field of business.